Electric Shamisen Mugen21


The Electric Shamisen Mugen21 has a special pickup inside, allowing it to be played acoustically and electrically.

You will enjoy real sound of Tsugaru and “Sawari”.

We solved all annoying noise and feedback.

Connecting your Stomp Box, you could change a range. Also, wireless is available.

You could disconnect microphone, but still enjoy as a normal Shamisen.

Mugen21 (Price : including Tax)

Mugen21 Price : including Tax
Kouki Hosozao/Chuzao 298,000
Kouki Tsugaru 348,000
Karin Tsugaru 198,000

(including: Yubikake, Hizagomu, Koma, Neo, Doukake, Nagabukuro, Polishing-cloth, Strings, Cable 5m) 

We customize your Shamisen Sao for Mugen21 Dou.

Mugen21 Dou Price : including Tax
Hosozao,Chuzao Dou 148,000
Tugaru Dou 158,000

Mugen21 (Product specification)

Preamp is included

(frequency was fixed and no feedback.)

Exclusive contact microphone is included.

Ground system is included

(Fixes feedback and noise)

You can adjust the volume with the volume control.

You are able to adjust the base level and treble level with a control in the back. We’ve included a 9V battery, which powers the preamp. When you remove the jack, the preamp will automatically shut off. The hole of the jack can sealed.

The way of a right meeting of the visitor from the foreign country.

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